Working with Kids

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You are worried about your child. They seem distant and you watch them struggle with some issues but they won’t tell you about them.  You see them trying to figure out things on their own but they need something and for some reason, you aren’t able to connect with  them.  You are frustrated because you desperately want to help them. You are worried about them and don’t know what to do next. 

Parents, I hear your pain.  I have worked with kids my whole life teaching elementary, middle school and high school, and their issues can be tricky and confusing.  I listen to their problems, brainstorm ideas and sometimes cheerlead them through the tough spots. In my work, I see anxious and depressed kids find their way out. I see stressed out kids learn to breathe, meditate and acknowledge their feelings and choose their actions.  I graduate my young clients from feeling lost and alone to thriving kids and young adults.  After they work with me, they have more self confidence and often do better in their studies.  They find themselves, and then they find you. 

I use Art therapy, Sandtray, yoga and movement therapy, Play therapy, and Brainspotting to help kids heal from the inside out.

So, now you found me here on my website and you wonder, what’s next?  Well, you can email me ( or call me at 415-841-2634 and set up a 15-minute free consultation. We’ll see if we can work together so that I can work with your child. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 

I can be found on this site as Peggy Farrell in Burlingame or San Mateo

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