“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain”

-Carl Jung

Sandtray is a modality in psychotherapy that provides a chance for the unconscious to be expressed symbolically by placing small figures and objects in a tray of sand (pictured below). It’s a hands-on, non-verbal tool for anybody and everybody. No client is too young or too old to try this therapy, it can be very powerful for dealing with issues of trauma, grief & loss, depression, anxiety and life transitions. One of the originators, C. G. Jung created it as a way for both the client and the therapist to have the opportunity to observe the symbolic process, and introduce symbolic material into the therapeutic field. 

I use sandtray in my practice to explore elements of the client’s life that may not come to the forefront of classical talk therapy. My office has a wide array of sand tray figurines, props, objects, tools, and a sand box. Ask me more about sandtray, and how I use it online in video therapy during COVID-19 by calling me 415-841-2634, or emailing me at for a 15-minute consultation.

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