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Peggy Farrell, LMFT#117151 peggy@peggylmft.com 415-841-2634

You have never fit in a nice little box. There has been very little that has been traditional or mainstream about your life. You vacillate between feeling really good about being so different, but also feeling incredibly alone. 

You don’t feel like most people would understand your life, your questions, or your struggles. They would probably be pretty surprised. So, you keep it all inside, but you are truly bursting to have someone who can really hear you and help you make sense of your life.

My name is Peggy and I can explore those hard conversations with you. I am curious, interested, and compassionate about your life and your experiences. Our work together is a place where there are no taboo questions or explorations as you are trying to understand yourself and find clarity so you can live in congruence with yourself.

Give me a call at 415-841-2634 for your free 15-minute phone consultation for counseling. My specialties include anxiety and stress, depression, isolation, life transitions, grief, and trauma. I am an LGBTQI+ ally. I also love working with children and elders. I can be reached by email at peggy@peggylmft.com.

I have my own office in San Mateo. I can meet you there or we can have virtual sessions, whatever is more comfortable for you. If you choose to come into the office, you should know I currently wear a mask in session, use an air purifier in the waiting room and in the office, and ventilate my office frequently. I have been fully vaccinated and boosted.

Some benefits of TELETHERAPY :

  • CONVENIENT: The session can be done from your home, your office, or any other private location.
  • SAFE: Since you aren’t leaving your house, you are contributing to a safer community by minimizing the spread of COVID-19.
  • COMFORTABLE: You can create a comfortable space in your own home, pets included!
  • TIME-SAVING: No commute, traffic, or gas costs.
  • EFFECTIVE: I am able to use all the same powerful treatment modalities via telehealth, just as effectively!
  • FLEXIBILITY: There are more appointment times available.
  • GREATER ACCESS: I can work remotely with anyone in California, not just locally.