Working with Elders

Peggy Farrell with a friend. 415-841-2634

Your parents have been worrying you lately. They seem lonely and confused more times than not. You can notice them slowing down in their thoughts and words.  Perhaps they are depressed?  Or maybe just lonely especially with the Shelter in Place.  Maybe they just feel uncertain about what’s next and would like to talk more about it. It’s possible they miss their friends because they had scheduled activities that they can no longer do.  And although you care deeply about them, you also have a family of your own who need your attention. You have many responsibilities.  

Would it help you to have someone to do a weekly 50-minute check-in with your mom or dad (or both)? Someone to talk to them about victories and triumphs but also fears about death, or concerns about life. Would it be a relief to feel like  your parent had another person checking in on them, someone who wasn’t related to them and had the time to talk?  And that person is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

I am that person who can help you maneuver this tough time.  I can listen and work with your parents.  I can help them communicate with you and help them with depression or anxiety. I love working with these folks!  I worked in an Elder Care Residential Facility and I found that there is a lot of fear, uncertainty and joy with this population.  They aren’t always interested in talking about their feelings but once they do, they can really open up about their thoughts and emotions.  I can even work through their anxiety about using new or different technology with the utmost patience!

If this sounds like this could lighten your load, why don’t you call me at 415-841-2634 or email me at We can set up a 15-minute consultation about what I do and how I can connect with your parents.  

Peggy Farrell with a friend. 415-841-2634
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